Acts Of Humanity Vol. 1&2

by Junkyard Empire

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"Love is not only the fire that ignites the revolutionary, but also the creative action of the artist, who covers the canvas of thought and action with a palette of sinew and spirit." – Peter McLaren


released June 21, 2011

Produced, Engineered, Mixed by Brian Susko
Mastered by Tom Garneau @ Audio Active (Deephaven, MN)
Label: MediaRoots Music


Tracks 1-5 & 7 recorded in a basement (Minneapolis, MN)
Track 6 Recorded in a bedroom (Regla, Cuba)
Tracks 8-13 recorded @ Winterland Studios (Minneapolis, MN)
All tracks mixed @ Dharma Sound Studios (Santa Monica, CA)



all rights reserved


Junkyard Empire New York, New York

Junkyard empire follows in the tradition of those artists who have openly called for revolution in America when it was needed. With four records under their belt, a tour of Cuba as guests of the Ministry of Culture, and acknowledgement of their talents by some of the greatest political minds of today, they have carved out a niche for themselves as the soundtrack to the new American revolution. ... more

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Track Name: Snake In The Grass
They got it all perfected, target selected
Even if you democratically elected
Resurrected presidents, better check ya regiments
School of the Americas be trainin terrorists
Federal embezzlements of foreign investments
Military juntas supplied with weapons
Suppress the unions with death squad delegates
Everyday elements of central intelligence

Forget democracy, this is U.S. foreign policy
Destabilize the region then invade them economically
Ironically, state department denies this tragic comedy
Thousands murdered, organized chaos of a coup d’état

Covert ops for multinational stocks
Building blocks so they can cop 3rd World cash crops
Criminals for minerals and right wing generals
Paid plentiful to manhandle like animals
You help the people, they call you a communist
No common sense, dominance
Is all they make a promise with
Guess what, that’s mission accomplished

So overthrow Arbenz, murder Allende, Lumumba
Replace them with Pinochet, Trujillo, Mubutu
From Papa Doc in Haiti, Noriega in the 80’s
Repressive regimes guarantee America gets the C.R.E.A.M.

Just listen can you hear the hissin, slitherin and slippin
Distant vision twistin through the darkest forest on a mission
Trained assassins blastin, makin massacres happen
Never unmasked, they got your ass, just a snake in the grass

Oh say can you see the Nazi spies on the CIA payroll
Or hear the lies over Radio Free Europe
Or read about it in the Washington Central Intelligence Times
I pledge allegiance to the overthrow and murder of democratically elected leaders
Like Guatemala’s Arbenz and Iran’s Mosaddegh
Oh beautiful for spacious skies full of bombs dropping on Laos
America the beautifully executed COINTELPRO and Operation Chaos programs
Designed to disrupt Civil Rights and Anti War Movements
My country shame on thee for the Iran-Contra scandal and kidnapping Aristide from Haiti
Do you know the meaning of liberty?
Well do you?

It’s hot now, you locked down
Downtown locked down
Pop piddy pop pop pop, hear the glock sound
Prison for the citizens, the system’s equivalent of due process
For the protest, get ya throat split
Bow-tie cause you voted for the wrong guy
This ain’t democracy, its monopoly
For the benefit of the suit and tie guy from NY to DC

The friendliest enemies, we negotiate with new regimes
Numerous casualties that you don’t see on NBC
That’s the price that’s paid for our new source of energy
No matter Nixon, Clinton, Reagan, Bush, Obama, Kennedy
Track Name: We Want
We Want
We want to smash, crash, mash, bash, blast the system
We want to get it hype, get it live, get with the mission
We want the crowd loud, fist pumpin, rhythm is hittin
We want to make it clear, we ain't scared, this is the vision we want
We Want

We want a liberated land, supporting human conditions
Not free market propaganda and corrupt politicians
Cause they owned by special interest groups that fund their campaigns
That's why you hear the same old thangs they claim but change never came
It's a dirty game maintained by reign for capital gain
But my people gettin tired of the pain and the shame
We're not commodities or cogs that turn the global economy
We're the promise of a legacy, a spirit we're honorin
An anomaly to those who can't imagine a world
Without oppressive forces slavin for almighty dollar bills

We got that love, uplift your brothers and your sisters
The people together can overthrow the system
We got that love uplift your brothers and your sisters
The people organized can build the kind of future we want

Unmistakable times, stakes is high
Unthinkable crimes, perpetrated by the criminal minds
With political ties, habitual lies
Alibis disguised under the guise of democracy
Politics of the apocalypse, got the skies lookin ominous
So the oceans burn bright with waves full of poison
Genocide, wars fought by little boys and
The weapons manufactured, paid for by our taxes
While the bridges and the levees and the mines collapsin
All the prisons filled to capacity, citizens hypnotized by the master thief
Divide and conquer, steal the masterpiece
Open your eyes and realize what's happening
Times runnin out to reach our potential
If you ain't at the table, then you probably on the menu
Track Name: Alright feat. Alicia Steele
The way our paths crossed, an unconventional lesson of karma
You were the lotus, I the impenetrable body of armor
Your roots are royal, they nurture the soil beside you
You seek my sunlight for its photosynthetic value
You were the missing theme in the novel of my inner mind
I was the perfect storm that rained, not at the perfect time
We were the tracks that trans-versed in parallel
Across the deserts of Jupiter, where our chi dwells
I am the moon that orbits you as you orbit the sun
You were the vessel that transported me where I was from
We synthesized time and plucked the notes of string theory
You lead me through the labyrinth when I couldn’t see clearly
I am the gravity that keeps you spinnin on your axis
You are the windmill, the backspin, the art splashed on my canvass
(Yeah, now put your hands in the air y’all)

Now make your shoulder work and feel it in your neck
Get it under your skin, it’s kinda complex
Now will you follow me, along this pathway?
Can I tempt you? It’s kind of risqué
And let your hips go, can you feel the rhythm?
Feel the bassline, get it in your system
And let your lips go, and say it’s alright
The way this groove is feelin, we’ll be there all night

You’re standin over there just a little too far
How can I get you to come closer?
I like that energy you’re givin it’s alright
Maybe if I can just know your name
Figure out who you are and when you came
Blame it on the heat makin me feel alright

As I looked back, amazed at the legacy that we created
We were the essence of the human form emancipated
We intersected and unraveled our complexity
Trans-versed the seas, explored til our perspectives meet
We shared the pain of sacrifice during the insurrection
And watched the moon rise and set our gaze on new directions
You transcribed my dialect as I decoded your signals
We were the prototype of our descendants’ rituals
We defined reciprocal as we danced elliptical around a mystical force rejoice habitual
We existed between moments that we could recall
And brought it back with the, a with the
(Yes Yes Y’all….)

Your sunlight blinded my eyes, mesmerized
As the skies opened wide, we rode tides to the shoreline
More rhymes poured through, the wisdom endured you
Implored you to see the majesty before you
Deliberately fell victim to a cinematic vision
Your intuition broke me out of my isolated prison
Put schisms behind, our missions aligned as we climbed to the summit
Faced fear, never runnin from it
Never looked back as we plummet into the unknown
Sowed the seeds until the harvest was full grown
(So put your hands in the air one time y’all)

How can I get you to come closer to me
I like that energy, it’s alright
Maybe if I could just know your name, figure out who you are baby
Makin me feel alright
It’s alright
Track Name: Kritikal
A hostile brotha walked the block with a scowl on
Pants sagged, heat wave, no shirt with a towel on
8th grade summer school, though his mind is wonderful
The block testin him like “Nigga what you wanna do?”
Teachers stressin him like “Where is your number 2?”
He knows the material but ain’t tryna hear it though
Back row, head on his desk lookin pitiful
Can’t find a scenario where this shit’s useful
His pops laid off, no rent, cut the lights off
Vietnam vet, he was ill with the rifle
Now he stays quiet and he’s lookin kinda psycho
Mumbles to himself how he was used by the white folk
Can’t get a real job, can’t get a small loan, medical benefits all but gone
He and his son be singin the same song and it goes on and on…

Repetition, circling through past lives
Read your history, so we don’t let the past rise,
Kritikal thinking open your eyes to the vast lies
Or we’ll be living in the final days, last times

Brotha in Afghanistan, fights for the Taliban
His dad a Mujahedeen, fought for his homeland
Thirteen with an M-16, nightmares at night cold sweat with the scream
Sees the scene of his mother being blown to smithereens
Just six and witnessed the missile
Pieces of brain mixed with blood and soft tissue
Now he walks with a pistol and hate by the fistful

Lifetime of warfare, the picture getting more clear
The richer we getting here, the more their getting poor there

Five years later, young brotha didn’t graduate
Limited options, had to deal with the magistrate
Now he packs heavy weight, helmets fatigues
Standard issue boots, backpack, canteen
Red, white, and blue flag stitched at the seams
Infrared binoculars, checkin out the scene
Routine deployment, green Hum-V
Playing hopscotch with the IED’s
Rolled up on a gathering at quarter to three
A bunch of old heads, long beards no teeth
Call it intuition, he sensed something suspicious
Radioed for back-up, they was out of position

Ran for cover, flashbacks of his mother
Hoverin over his bed, pulled back on the covers
Sayin it’s all a trick, don’t enlist
The rich get all the money while the poor get shit
His chest heaving heavy as he fought for breath
Felt for his legs, but he had none left
Eyes opened wide but the sky was hazy
Goin out like this man I must be crazy
Can’t pay me enough and my girl got a baby
Life’s yes or no, no time for a maybe
Last thing he saw standin over his shoulder
Was the fierce gaze of an Afghani soldier

The moral of the story, what I’m sayin is true
Look in the mirror, the reflection ain’t you
Sent to kill with no soul like a zombie
Political pawns hypnotized so calmly
They don’t want you to hear this sentiment
Poor folks die while the rich ones benefit
Never forget who pays the price
And ask yourself, would they give they life?
When they send you to die all their wealth multiplies
Stock prices rise for every bomb that flies
Campaign funds for the next election
How come Congress ain’t have a recession?
Kritikal thought is the ability to question
Kritikal thought is the ability to question
Cause times are getting kritikal
Track Name: Rock El Imperio
Quieren libertad? Rock el imperio
Quieren justicia? Rock el imperio
Quieren igualdad? Rock el imperio
Puño arriba, rock el imperio

If you ain’t get it by now, reverse go back and rewind
The energy in my rhyme align with chakras in your spine
Intrinsic forces divorced from preconceived courses
The pulse of my voice guides you right back to the source
It’s the hieroglyphics specific to certain biorhythmics
From Atlantic to Pacific, prolific with linguistics
Your brain fixes on the focal point of my narrative
The lust for cabbage turns average ones to savages
My pattern is shatterin your elitist little gathering
With ways more esoteric than the magic of the Vatican
Habits of badder men, and the origins of sin
Lead rappers to the fact of the matter when they see their fans scatterin
Listen to me spit and say that “I don’t wanna rap again”
Then go open the packagin and guzzle down a Heineken
The vinyl spins until its cut and cross faded
I patiently waited my turn, now I just have to go and take it
Flick of the wrist and toss you like a discuss
Bear witness to the slickest bunch of hip-hop misfits
You know the scenario, crank up your stereo
St. Paul to Havana, we be rockin el imperio

Promoters always talkin bout “Junkyard Empire’s too controversial”
We don’t fit in the circumference of your weak commercial circle
The workers is hurtin so I’m dispersin the verse and
Immersin each person in the knowledge they been thirstin
That’s why we ride with socialists through the protests
They be like “Why you rap like this?”
I tell em ask an activist
And find out why hip-hop is the culture of the downtrodden
Those that’s on the margin harvesting this sound garden
Started by artists carving spaces amongst the vacant
Starving for our placement in the history of the ancients
Painting graffiti with the beauty of Nefertiti
It’s the reason you see me kickin a hole in the TV
Through woofers and tweeters, so crank up your speakers
And go ask ya chica, she be like “Puño arriba”
Live in ya barrio, you know the scenario
Junkyard Empire, we be rockin el imperio
Track Name: Original Assumption feat. Desdamona
Along the rails lay broken whispers
Bars severed into fragments
Blasted and shattered by the passing trains of thought
Without any inkling that they ever existed
There are no brakes to end the erasure of these
Urban story condemned building histories
Patterns unlike any other known to mankind
This pronunciation is cryptic to those who don’t speak it… speak it

Scene’s so intense the time is changing
Blowing in the wind I’m like the gage and
Trying to get my aim but not sustaining
It feels like a hurricane is raging
Time keeps moving but I’m not aging
Mic in my hand, I rock the stage and
Praising the sun just like the pagans
Stays in the sun I’m like the raisin

What is freedom? Is it the ability to move within the vicinity of a facility?
A false reality, the façade of a totalitarian democracy
Or is it how you rock with me mentally?
Back and forth to the cadence of my voice
You know, the complex schism of beats, rhymes and rhythm

Revolution revolve around the revolver
Bending backwards to oblivion, soldiers call her
Back into the switch the evolver
Stand to fight for rights and signs of life
She rise fly heights you’ve never seen
Bright eyes might blind the fight in me
Trying times, fine rhymes call my destiny
Stride right, high life got the best of me

What is freedom? Is it the perceived option to choose between two preconceived concoctions
Of a two party dictatorship, based on maintaining a deranged relationship
With no explanation of our benefits
Or is it how you venture into the scenery of this rythmatic entity
Eventually taking hold of your brain chemistry

One time, you mesmerized
Combine minds, we epitomize the sunshine
Keep it rolling and flowing, back like stolen a moment
Act the holding of currents in that nautical ship
My audible clip split like particle shit
The record might skip, you better get hip to the movement
Cause it’s soothing, grooving humans with no delusions

What is freedom? Is it an abstract concept to a degree?
Something you can be partially?
Or is it the sum total of your independent parts?
Like book smarts and body art
All or nothing, life’s original assumption
Buried under an indoctrination of consumption
Or is it a trigonometric function?
Is that why you’re cosigning to the complex schism
Of beats rhymes and rhythm?

Calling all freedom writers, Calling all freedom writers
To not only rewrite history, but dismantle the mystery
This is a new train of thought, don’t lose your ticket
Mama is the pilot and the scenery is about to change
You might feel some turbulence so buckle your seatbelts
It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but it’s smooth on the other side
Track Name: Manifest
The ingrained psychology of a philosophy so simple
Where the principle is a symbol to show you we're invincible
And if we're not convincing you, cause that's what we were sent to do
We'll take a religious view and make it more effective
Then embed it in a sermon so you know that god said it
Cause god said it
If we embed it in a sermon, then you'll know that god said it

So the message becomes repetitive, seduce you like a sedative
You hear it in school, in the media and in your church edifice
We're the civilized here to save the savages
Their culture is ravenous, they're a lesser people
Not equal to receive the gifts bestowed on god's righteous leaders
Let's teach them they're inferior and should despise themselves
And if they don't conform to us, they've destined themselves for hell
If they rebel we have no choice but to take them by force
It's what we're destined for, so you know it's god's law
And if need be it's a justification for war
By any means necessary, destroy all our adversaries
And spread our doctrine to the edge of the Earth
Cause the world is ours, it was manifested by birth
Can't you see we're the most respectable, intellectual,
Our culture is superior, you mortals are forgettable
We want your land and your resources for the nourishment of our society
But don't fight it and don't test we
Just realize this is your manifest destiny

This is your destiny, let destiny manifest
And god bless

First written by a Democrat, John O'Sullivan
It was used to justify taking Texas from the Mexicans
Not to mention slaughtering every Native American
But why stop there, let's just snatch the whole Caribbean
Haiti to Puerto Rico and the Dominican
El Salvador, Peru and down to Colombians
Where they pick coca beans, but let's expand overseas
To the Philippines and slaughter the Vietnamese
Niggas please, let's catch half of Africa and make them plow the pasture
Cause the expansion needs to happen faster
And I'll chop off your foot if you forget to call me master
There's oil is Uzbekistan, so we control Afghanistan
Build pipelines and ship it south of Pakistan
It's manifested, the world is ours for the taking
Forsaking every ounce of decency, call it the great awakening
Manifest Destiny is a doctrine of oppression
Cleaned and dressed up for national protection
It's not historical or metaphorical because it happens today
It's the driving force behind our foreign policy
It happens from Nicaragua all the way to Falujah
Every time a president says hallelujah
We support it, hand over hearts, singing the anthem
We support it at Starbucks, throwing a tantrum
Like "I need my fucking latte, Ethiopian blend"
We support it cause sweatshops make all the latest trends
We support it with the diamonds on our necks and our fingers
We support it overseas thinking they should speak English
When we turn a blind eye to economic injustice
Then invade your borders, turn around and say "trust us"
But don't fight it and don't test we
Just realize, this is your manifest destiny
Track Name: The Basics feat. RDM & Mr. Nox
My mind bends when I write rhymes
Transcend space time like I got a flux capacitor in my spine
So I rap at 88 miles per hour
With the power to devour any coward stepping to me
Got a recipe for sesame MC’s stir-fried to perfection
It’s a delicacy, my rhymes practice celibacy
You can’t fuck with me cause I rap sickly
Let me quickly demonstrate how I elevate as I penetrate the bass line
Procreate, write a new rhyme, make y’all react like an enzyme
Electromagnetic like a photon, spin around your head like electrons
Causing neurons to disintegrate, when I radiate you meditate
Let your mind ventilate
Come with me let’s vacate this dimension
Did I mention the ascension when I flip it in triplicate
Infinite sentiments complement throughout the continent
Bring it back, let your foot tap
Catch a contact from the black brainiac with the maniac flows
Keep your eyes closed and you might overdose
When I flip hypnotic prose at your souls
Prime Meridian style, straight up and down
The sounds too profound when I compound, let’s calm down

Come on y’all back to the basics
Cutting and breaking taking it back to the basics
Throw on your Kangols and lace your Asics
We rhyming brothers, taking it back to the basics

Never mind that we got to rewind that, Hip-Hop
Find that feeling in the middle of the rhyme
Digie getting into the venue to send crews to the basics, Digie bodacious
Flows spacious get it live when I see the b-boys fat laces, hands up high
Give me the energy when I rhyme, so I can throw it back at you
First with a passion, first with the cash man, first with the rap man
Asking you, do you want to ride like a passenger?
Junkyard bump hard bogaurd like a running back
None of that whackness, Abstract Pack this representing lovely
Better practice, if you think of stepping up we’ll leave you backwards
Digie y’all, RDM no arguing, let’s go

The word play is nice, tongue slices like Pentjak Silat
Unorthodox context plus the impact is not what the people expect
Cause every chamber's like chess, the mic check tests load breath stress depth
To the nondescript I'm a fundamentalist,
Who hits with the force of Dalton and Schmidt
Swing batter
The patterns and schemes cleaner than Irish Spring lather
A multi-tasking mad hatter with a swagger reminiscent of Ricky Walters
My aura is Gibraltar or pure iron ore, whichever is softer
At peace like a Mennonite when I write, but then with the mic
My life reflects the tribulations of a Cenobite
With such sites to show you, suffer the pain
The more you fear the more we overload you
With blind fits of rage on stage we get emotional
The greatest MC write a passage if any
Now it's odd how weaker minds immortalize the vibe of melancholyness for pennies
It's probably just envy, but nevermind the haters
All that "greater than less than" just helps when its time to work the next plan
So when it comes to pseudo-rhyme sayers, poets and essayists
Let's say it's the fame to blame for ignoring the basics
Above all, remember this before you spit, if it's not true love you
shouldn't deal with it.
Track Name: Conflict Part I (The History)
The wrath of a path that’s destined toward extinction
Two warring factions that blast without thinking
One wants a home the other wants survival
A tribal rival that predates the Bible

Conflict, the philosophy of atrocity
Where Israel’s become the epitome of hypocrisy
An occupying force, endorse religious divisions
And turned the Gaza Strip into a virtual prison
So turn on your TV and see the effects of conflict
Quassam rockets and suicide bomb threats
The response from Israeli defenses beyond relentless
A catastrophic attack on the heads of the defenseless
Innocent civilians, women and children
Bombs on homes and mosques and school buildings
Cut the electricity, cut off the water
Shot on sight if you come near the border
It’s a slaughter, the murders and tortures with horror
Marauders of the Haganah met with Jihadis and Infitadas in Gaza
Daughters screaming “Inshallah” backed by U.S. dollars
It’s enough to make you holla for the apocalypse to Allah

Let’s take a step back and figure out how’d we get to this
And witness this crisis with historical emphasis

Palestine, a place of conflict for millenniums
A land between the Mediterranean and Mesopotamia
Conquered by the Philistines and Babylonians
Persians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans
The romance would never last, homelands would collapse
Religious wars happen fast, movements of the mass
The city of Jerusalem considered a holy land
By Hebrews, Christians and the Muslims
A holy war led by Abu Bakar
Then the Crusades for Jesus Christ the superstar
All the while Jews were persecuted uprooted and muted
This is the origin of the Zionist movement
A way to unify and give their life improvement

But the struggle continues in the search for a homeland
Modern day Palestine, home to millions of Arabs
A secular land with people of all religions
That coexist despite all their ethnic divisions
But the Zionists will stop at nothing to gain their territory
Here’s where the story gets gory for the Zionist glory

At first Zionism was about liberation
A place for the Jewish Diaspora to call a nation
But then came a superiority complex
Thinking they were better than the Arab farmers

Zionist racism with British imperialism
Set the stage for a cataclysmic schism
World War I, the struggle begins again
England double deals with Zionists and the Palestinians
But they were truly the ultimate liars
Their only goal was to expand their empire
But little did they know, they didn’t have a clue
That Palestine was a bite that they couldn’t chew
Soon the British bastards came to discover
That the Arabs and Jews would fight them and each other
(The Arabs and Jews would fight them and each other)

It’s ironic to hear, with today’s theatrics
That Israelis were the first to use terrorist tactics
Bombing British targets and praising martyrs
The situation’s ugly and there’s no progress
The conflict continues through World War II
And the Nazi Holocaust killed six millions Jews
This gave rise to sympathy for the Zionist movement
And the creation of Israel, it made the blueprint
In 1948 it was made official, the UN sanctioned the state of Israel
Dismissal of the Palestinians was abysmal
They lost most of the land and this is critical
The split of the land was pure frustration
They got less than 50%, they were two-thirds the population
But what comes next sets today’s context
Israeli expansion and occupational conquest
(Here’s the conflict)
England moved out and Israel took over
Plundering land like European explorers
Palestinians flee with little possessions
Israeli expansion turns to ethnic cleansing
The future of the region becomes ominous
Palestinians pushed to the West Bank and Gaza Strip