We Want (Single)

by Junkyard Empire

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Single from Upcoming Album "Acts Of Humanity" Vol. 1 & 2


released June 7, 2011

A side: Produced, Recorded, Mixed by Brian Susko
B side: Remix by DJ Digie (aka RDM of The Abstract Pack / Roosevelt Mansfield)
Both Sides Mastered by Tom Garneau

Label: MediaRoots Music.



all rights reserved


Junkyard Empire New York, New York

Junkyard empire follows in the tradition of those artists who have openly called for revolution in America when it was needed. With four records under their belt, a tour of Cuba as guests of the Ministry of Culture, and acknowledgement of their talents by some of the greatest political minds of today, they have carved out a niche for themselves as the soundtrack to the new American revolution. ... more

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Track Name: We Want
We Want
We want to smash, crash, mash, bash, blast the system
We want to get it hype, get it live, get with the mission
We want the crowd loud, fist pumpin, rhythm is hittin
We want to make it clear, we ain't scared, this is the vision we want
We Want

We want a liberated land, supporting human conditions
Not free market propaganda and corrupt politicians
Cause they owned by special interest groups that fund their campaigns
That's why you hear the same old thangs they claim but change never came
It's a dirty game maintained by reign for capital gain
But my people gettin tired of the pain and the shame
We're not commodities or cogs that turn the global economy
We're the promise of a legacy, a spirit we're honorin
An anomaly to those who can't imagine a world
Without oppressive forces slavin for almighty dollar bills

We got that love, uplift your brothers and your sisters
The people together can overthrow the system
We got that love uplift your brothers and your sisters
The people organized can build the kind of future we want

Unmistakable times, stakes is high
Unthinkable crimes, perpetrated by the criminal minds
With political ties, habitual lies
Alibis disguised under the guise of democracy
Politics of the apocalypse, got the skies lookin ominous
So the oceans burn bright with waves full of poison
Genocide, wars fought by little boys and
The weapons manufactured, paid for by our taxes
While the bridges and the levees and the mines collapsin
All the prisons filled to capacity, citizens hypnotized by the master thief
Divide and conquer, steal the masterpiece
Open your eyes and realize what's happening
Times runnin out to reach our potential
If you ain't at the table, then you probably on the menu